Upon Completion

Within two weeks of completing your funded activity, you must provide two items to the administrators of the enrichment award program (both requirements are outlined in your award letter).

First, you must write an approximately 300-word reflection essay describing your enrichment activity and how it impacted your experience at UConn. Please use this reflection form.

Second, you must submit verification that you have completed your enrichment activity.  The nature of the verification depends on the type of activity in which you participated.  Some possible examples might include (but are by no means limited to) the following:

  • Study Abroad:  screenshot of final grades in the courses in which you were enrolled; certificate of completion of the program in which you were enrolled; etc.
  • Internship:  letter from supervisor indicating you have completed the internship; certificate or other official recognition for having completed the internship; evidence of compensation consistent with your having completed the work as outlined in your offer letter; etc.
  • Professional Development: copy of your conference credentials (badge, check-in receipt); photos/screenshots of social media posts of you at the conference/event; etc.
  • Public Service:  letter from service trip organizers confirming you participated in the trip; photos/screenshots of social media posts of you and other participants while on the trip; etc.
  • Research:  brief letter (Email is fine) from research mentor/supervisor indicating that you have completed the project as outlined in your proposal/application (this is the preferred form of verification for research experiences; please consult with the program administrators if you anticipate problems securing this sort of letter)

Please note that your grant may be considered taxable income. Please refer to Internal Revenue Service Guidelines regarding scholarships and fellowships to learn if you need to include your award, or a portion of your award, on your income tax return. If your program is not for academic credit, please keep copies of your receipts for tax reporting purposes.

If for some reason you are unable to complete your Enrichment Activity as it was originally funded, you must contact us within 2 weeks of the proposed start of the activity, and submit a revised project description. Failure to do so will result in referral to Financial Aid for recovery of the financial award.