When should I submit an application to use my Enrichment Award funds?

It is important to remember your application should be submitted 3 to 4 weeks prior to engaging in your enrichment activity. It can take up to 4 weeks to approve and process your application.

Where can I find the application?

Budget sheet
(*must be included with your application)

Please be sure to include all of your supporting documents, (i.e. printed estimates for airfare, hotel, and other expenses) with your application.

What do I need to complete my Presidential Enrichment Application?

Once you start the Presidential Enrichment Application, you must complete it. It cannot be saved and returned to at a later time. Therefore, be sure to have your budget sheet, contact information (Name and contact info of your supervisor, program coordinator, etc.), and supporting documents (e.g. a letter of acceptance to the program, letter of offer for an internship, letter from a research mentor, conference registration confirmation, etc. ) when you begin.

How do I apply for my Presidential Enrichment if I want to study abroad?

If you are using your Enrichment Award funds for travel, room and board costs for study abroad, you will complete the Enrichment Award application and budget sheet.

Do I have to register for the conference I’m attending before I apply for my Enrichment?

Yes, if you are attending or presenting at a conference, you must include a printed confirmation that you have been accepted and paid registration fee.

How do I calculate meals I’m requesting?

If you are attending a conference or activity where meals are provided, you must partake in those meals; therefore, you would not include them in your request. For meals that are not provided, you would calculate the per diem rate for the area you will be in.

Please visit UConn Travel for per diem rates. (Learn more about the breakdown of the meals.)

How do I calculate mileage?

If you are applying for mileage, you must use the current U.S. Government per diem rates, which can be found on the UConn Travel website. Use MapQuest to calculate your miles, multiplied by the number of times you will be traveling to your activity. Using that total, multiply it the by the U.S. per Diem rate. Be sure to supply supporting documents with your application.

How do I access my money?

Once the proposed Enrichment experience is approved, and you sign your letter to accept your award, we can begin the disbursement process. The Office of National Scholarships & Fellowships will complete the disbursement form and send it to Financial Aid. Student Financial Aid Services will apply the award amount to your account, if you have a zero balance. Your funds will not be issued to you if you have any outstanding balances on your account, (i.e. parking tickets, late fees, infirmary/pharmacy bills). The award funding can vary depending upon the type and circumstances of your Enrichment activity. Once the funds are posted to your account, you can request a refund check from the Bursar’s Office.

Do I have to do anything once I complete my activity?

Yes, after completing your Enrichment activity, you must complete a 300-word reflection by the date noted in your award letter.

Can I apply for my award retroactively?

Unfortunately, if you have already started or completed your Enrichment activity, you may not apply retroactively.

If I have money left when I graduate can I use it towards my master’s program at UConn?

The Enrichment award can only be used for the first 8 semesters of your undergraduate studies, or until your undergraduate graduation, whichever comes first.

How long will it take to process my application?

Once you have submitted your application, it can take up to 4 weeks to process.

What happens if my application is incomplete?

We will work with you to be sure you have all your supporting documents in place for review.